Asia Environmental Daily is the world's leading online newspaper covering environmental issues, environmental technologies and services, infrastructure development, clean energy, and environmental cleanup in the Asia-Pacific region. Based in Hong Kong, with offices in Beijing and New York City, Asia Environmental Daily is uniquely positioned to report on environmental developments impacting both Asia and the world.

First published in 2007, Asia Environmental Daily ( has developed an enviable reputation for authoritative, influential and independent reporting on the environmental issues in China, India, Southeast Asia, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.  Available on mobile, tablets and online through, Asia Environmental Daily reaches a truly global audience with daily breaking news, analysis and opinions.  Asia Environmental Daily also publishes a variety of Special Reports and newsletters, and has a presence on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Parler, and Tumblr.

Asia Environmental Daily’s readership includes business leaders, CSR and sustainability officers, public sector agencies, government officials, scientists and academics, educators and students, natural resources management ministries, environmental activists, and general members of society who are concerned about the environment.

Asia Environmental Daily reports on the industries that most impact the environmental development of Asia.  These include energy generation and transmission, clean air and water, transportation, natural resources management, waste management, food and agriculture, climate change, biodiversity, and CSR & sustainably.  

In the field of energy, we report on clean energy initiatives such as wind, solar, nuclear, hydro-electric, and biomass as well as traditional electricity transmission, coal / thermal, and oil & gas.

Other industries covered are clean air, water and sewage, electric vehicles, mining and metals, food and agriculture, railways, aviation, shipping, and highway infrastructure. 

We also report on the day’s most important political and business news and events from around the Asia-Pacific, the news that matters most to our readers and the environmental technologies and services industry.   

Asia Environmental Daily is a division of Asia ENV Group (Hong Kong).


Board Members

Executive Board Members:

Xinmei Liu

Neil Bush

Scott Garner

Prof. Medani Bhandari, Ph.D.


Advisory Board Members:

Thomas Evans, Zhang Wei, Wang Xiu Ying, William Austin,

Sudhir Patil, Tomohiro Hidaka, Pakamas, Seunghyeon Kim


Editorial Staff

Publisher / Chief Editor:                                         Jill St. John

Managing Editor (Opinions/Editorials):                 Prof. Medani Bhandari, Ph.D.

Deputy Editor (Greater China):                              Jamie Tang

Deputy Editor (South Asia)                                     Justin Zhu

Deputy Editor (Southeast Asia):                             Helen Li

Deputy Editor (Middle East, Central Asia):            Lena Ma

Deputy Editor (Japan, South Korea, Mongolia):    Celia Wang 


Executive Management

President and CEO:             Xinmei Liu

Chief Operating Officer:      Scott Garner

Chief Financial Officer:        Dan Zhang

Chief Technology Officer:    Chris Garner

Director, Sales:                     Liu Yan

Director, HR:                         Jingjing Lu

General Counsel:                 Jeffrey Jue

Media Relations:                  Lillian Wang



Outside Counsel:           Edward Lehman

Outside Advisory:          Lehman Bush


Company Information


     1 Queens Road, 12-A, Hong Kong, Hong Kong 999077, HK (Hong Kong)

     No.22 Dongfang East Road Chaoyang District. Beijing 100600 (China)

     1 Madison Ave, 1A, New York, NY 10010 (United States)

Type:  Privately held

Founded:  2007

Specialties:  News Division, Advertising and Marketing Solutions, Environmental and Business Consulting



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